Albatross Avenue Reservoir

Sunshine Coast, Qld

Client: UnityWater

Construction Type: Design and Construction

Capacity: 8.75 ML

Diameter: 37.87m

Height: 8.55m


The Albatross Avenue Reservoir is located at Nambour West on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We were invited by Unity Water to construct this reservoir to secure the quality of drinking water for the growing population of the Sunshine Coast. This reservoir has the capacity to supply water to approximately 16,000 Sunshine Coast residents.

This reservoir was constructed using our highly developed method of precast and post-tensioning. Wall panels were poured onsite using our own stacking system. Using internal and external forms and a concrete mix design developed specifically for our insitu infills, the units were tied together, creating a water tight structure.

Our Aluminium roof, hatch and stair structure was fabricated off-site in our fabrication workshop. It was then transported and installed in an efficient time frame. It is not just aesthetically pleasing but is a low maintenance option compared to other roofing and structural materials.