Adelaide Desalination Treated Water Tanks

Adelaide, SA

Client: SA Water

Principle: Adelaide Aqua (J.V.)

Construction Type: Design & Construction

Capacity: 2x 25ML Reservoirs

Diameter: 63.1m

Height: 9m


The $1.8 billion Adelaide Desalination Project delivers up to 100 billion litres of drinking water each year - about half of Adelaide's water supply. The plant is set on a 31-hectare site at Port Stanvac in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

When it came to the construction of the Treated Water Reservoirs within the Adelaide Desalination Project, we were engaged by Adelaide Aqua (a consortium comprised of McConnell Dowell, Abigroup Contractors, United Utilities Australia and Spanish firm Acciona Agua) to design and construct two 25 Megalitre concrete reservoirs to hold water treated by the desalination process.

Each tank has a post-tensioned floor slab that was poured as one slab. The walls are constructed with a series of precast panels that were manufactured on-site and stitched together with post-tensioning tendons. The roof was designed using stainless steel columns, aluminium rafters, purlins and roof sheeting. Access stairs and walkways were also constructed on-site from aluminium.