Adelaide Desalination Processing Tanks

Adelaide, SA

Project Name: 6x Processing Tanks

Client: SA Water

Principle: Adelaide Aqua (J.V.)

Construction Type: Design and Construction

Diameter: 13m

Height: 3m to 14m


One of the major works on the Adelaide Desalination project was the construction of 6 concrete processing tanks. All tanks had a diameter of 13 metres and heights varied from 3 metres to 14 metres. Our proposal was the design and construction of each reservoir. The base slabs were post-tensioned and constructed square, then were also incorporated into the base slab of adjacent pits to help accommodate the pipe work into the tanks.

The wall construction was conventional using reinforced concrete and poured in place in 2.5 metre high sections. The pipe work into each section was through the wall allowing the opportunity to provide large access voids in the wall the facilitate the access of materials and labour during the wall construction. Voids were later poured with the required pipe work.

As the tanks are used in the desalination process, conventional roof construction was prohibited due to the corrosive nature of the environment. We proposed the roof structure be constructed using Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) beams and panels. Each of the panels allows for easy removal if needed at a later date to allow access for mechanical pumps and pipe work in every tank. Aluminium access stairs and handrails were fabricated on-site and installed to complete the roof structures.